most party fouls are pretty dumb. but one has real consequences. underage drinking and driving: the ultimate party foul

About The Campaign

Most party fouls, let’s face it, are pretty dumb. Sometimes they land you an unfortunate nickname, a nasty bruise, or make you the star of a few embarrassing snaps. But the damage usually ends there.

Underage drinking and driving, however, is a party foul with real consequences. Get busted, and you could pay fines, do community service, and lose your license. It’s the ultimate party foul.

If you’re under 21, any amount of alcohol in your system makes it illegal to drive. So designate a driver, call a cab, or stay the night. Stick to the party fouls you can laugh about, like twerking fails and unsuccessful crowd surfs, and avoid the ultimate party foul — underage drinking and driving.